Welcome to LookBox, your go-to online marketplace tailored exclusively for the Ghanaian community. Discover an easy and cost-effective way to buy and sell pre-loved fashion in Ghana with LookBox, your trusted platform.

Our mission is clear: to champion sustainability and affordability in the fashion industry. We provide a seamless platform that empowers individuals to buy and sell secondhand clothing items effortlessly.

In a world where the fashion industry ranks among the top wasteful contributors, generating millions of tons of textile waste annually, LookBox stands as a beacon of change. By facilitating the purchase and sale of pre-owned clothing items, we actively contribute to reducing textile waste and advocating responsible consumerism.

Join LookBoxGH today to embrace a more sustainable and budget-friendly approach to fashion. Sell Clothes Ghana, Shop Smart – LookBox is your solution.

At LookBox, our platform is designed for simplicity, offering users an effortless browsing experience through a vast collection of pre-owned clothing items. With a diverse selection of brands, styles, and sizes, LookBox ensures there’s something to suit every fashion taste.

What sets us apart? Our sellers have the freedom to set their own prices, unlocking incredible deals on high-quality clothing items for buyers.

We firmly believe that each piece of clothing holds a unique story and deserves a second chance at life. Our passion lies in advancing sustainability within the fashion industry, with an unwavering commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint. We invite our users to join us on this journey towards a more sustainable future for Ghana, one fashionable choice at a time.

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At LookBox, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team is committed to understanding your needs and providing personalized solutions. With prompt responses and a focus on continuous improvement, we aim to make your experience with us truly remarkable.
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Mother Attakora

Founder & CEO

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Product manager

Princella Sesinam Attamah


Priscilla Otoo

Market Research